(New for 2020) Festive Team Building


A custom mix of escape room puzzles, fun trivia rounds, interactive team games and photo challenges,your teams will be able to harness the power of technology as they work together to beat out the competition. In this version of our popular event, we have added some festive themed content to our trivia and photo rounds! Participants will be randomly placed into virtual breakout rooms where they can collaborate to answer questions, solve puzzles and complete challenges together. We facilitate the entire event and are there to answer questions, keep things fun and score teams to give an overal winner after the event.
Guests are split into smaller teams and then put into breakout rooms to complete the rounds with a time limit on each one. We also bring them back to the main room between the rounds for bonus challenges, etc. It's a really fun event and we have two versions, the standard version and the festive special!

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