(New for 2020) Christmas Edition – Around the World in 80 minutes


The race is on as the first team to make it back to the North Pole with the best challenges will be listed to help Santa on the big day. With only 80 minutes to get around the world, will your team be crowned the official Christmas elves
Each person taking part in the activity will receive a link via email to a meeting on Zoom (or other online platform). All Christmas themed activities, the elves have set a number of challenges which will vary from performing the very best rendition of a Christmas hit to dressing up in the most festive attire you have after all, the elves need to ensure that Santa has the very best recruits. Efficient and particular, the elves aren’t easy to please; back at the North Pole they will be keeping a close eye on your answers and scoring teams points for their answers and challenges. Teams will receive points for the questions they answer as well as the tasks they complete. Each team will be assigned a separate break out room where they'll be able to talk to each other about the challenges and confer on answers; before teams send across their answers and challenges through our platform and email. It is a race against the other teams! The first team to make it around the world and arrive in London first win the bonus points and will be crowned the winners!

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